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Our impact

Our service helps saves lives. It provides refuge & respite, relieves stress, restores well-being, builds self-confidence, provides friendship and can connect people to others, church and to the God that loves them.

There are many ways you can get involved, support the work of ICWN, and leave your mark.

  • Prayer – we value your prayers for this ministry. We know that without the word of God, and the support of our prayer partners, we could not do this work. Please continue to pray that the work we do is covered by the hand of God, that our missions teams are protected on their journeys abroad and that we will continue to be lead and provided for in all we do.
  • Donations – the money we receive from donations goes directly into the work of ICWN. No salaries are paid, and all our events are geared towards raising awareness, building new partnerships and raising more funds to continue our work. Would you consider making a one-time or monthly donation to ICWN?

To find out how you can support the work of ICWN email